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Article: Race ring coordinates

〈STAFF STYLING vol.5〉 レースリング コーデ

Race ring coordinates

When spring becomes cheerful, you will want to wear soft blouses and dresses, and you will want to incorporate pink.
I'm sure it's the same with Julie.

This time, we would like to introduce a feminine coordination using a beautifully crafted lace ring type 2.

MONATELIER offers two types of race rings: MERCEL <Marcel> and JAIMIE <Jamie>. Both are recommended as accents with fine workmanship.

Since lace rings have a solid design, it may be difficult to combine them with large-sized jewelry.
We recommend pairing it with a ring with a simple design to make the lace ring stand out even more.

 This time's introduction was a feminine coordination using lace ring type 2.

Please use it as a reference.



MERCEL <Marcel>

¥ 11,000-

Rococo antique motif ring. With a classical atmosphere, delicate details are the point. Although it has a delicate and delicate design, it has a solid and wide presence.



JAIMIE <Jamie>

¥ 11,000-

A delicate ring with an antique motif, a delicate design inspired by Rococo. The braided lines create a voluminous feel and make a statement as the main ring.




¥ 19,800-

The unique design of "Half Eternity" has a classic silhouette, but the original design spreads like a gradation of diamonds.




¥ 15,400-

A gorgeous gold and diamond ring. The three diamonds in a row sparkle and make your hands shine casually. It is an easy-to-use item with a simple design that you will never get tired of.




It is also recommended as a gift for anniversaries and birthdays.


Monatlier offers a gift box for presents as an option (for a fee).


You can select it on the product detail page. Please use them together.