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Article: Single piercing coordinates

〈STAFF STYLING vol.4〉シングルピアス コーデ

Single piercing coordinates

Today we would like to introduce two types of earrings with gorgeous diamonds, NOX and MERCURIO .


Do you all incorporate single earrings?

Single piercings are piercings for one ear rather than for both ears.

There are many people who feel that the hurdle is high because it is still not common, but I also had the image that it would be difficult to use things that are not aligned on the left and right.

At the beginning of this year, MONATELIER released the first single earring NOX <NOX>. A very luxurious and gorgeous single earring with 5 diamonds.

When you actually put it in, it has a different presence than the one for both ears .

I think that it is a high point that it is easy to incorporate with an elegant design like MONATELIER .


Since it has a strong presence, it is recommended for going out on the weekend rather than at the office.


Also paired with the earrings is MERCURIO, which has diamonds arranged like flowers.


The diamond setting makes it stand out and is great to wear alone, but it is also recommended for its well-balanced design when paired with other earrings.





Spring weather has arrived, and the sunshine has become a pleasant season.

Why don't you prepare to go out with gorgeous ears?