gift wrapping

MONATELIER accepts a variety of custom orders at your request.
When purchasing jewelry, please contact us from the inquiry form.

gift wrapping

You can choose either free wrapping or paid wrapping when purchasing jewelry.
If you do not specify, we will send all free wrapping.
※ Lapping box isOne for one jewelryOrder to order and do not accept only boxes.

Free wrapping

We apologize for the ribbon of satin ground in the open box of the normal packing case.


At the time of purchase of jewelry, you can also choose either packing or simple packaging.
If you do not specify, all will usually be sent by packing.
In addition, if there is a size such as an ultrasonic cleaner or the number of items purchased, it will be carefully shipped to the cardboard.

Normal packing

I will put it in a cardboard with a shock absorber and ship.

Simple packingNext time with coupon of ¥ 2,000

We will ship in the original drawstring.
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