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Article: <STAFF STYLING vol.8> Chain necklace coordination

〈STAFF STYLING vol.8〉 チェーンネックレスコーディネート

<STAFF STYLING vol.8> Chain necklace coordination

Summer is the season when you can enjoy light clothing.

This time, we will introduce you to the recommended layered necklace styles for summer outfits. By all means, let's color your neck like summer!


A chain necklace with just the right amount of sheerness that creates a light feel.
Monatelier proposes a design in which two different types of chains casually create an expression around the neck.

Layered with Alvin, the swaying diamonds are beautiful in summer .


Two types of chains that are soft and comfortable to the skin are layered with different lengths. With the designer's thoughts, so that you don't have to spend time on layering during your precious time. A casual and timeless design that you will want to wear every day.


A chain necklace that changes its expression according to the movement of the body. The softness unique to a delicate chain is just right. Combined with a 10cm adjuster, it becomes 50cm and you can enjoy it by creating an atmosphere.

It feels especially hot this year, so I think many people will have their hair styled up to keep it cool.
Add a necklace as an accent to create a beautiful neckline.