Legal notice

Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

J-ONE Co., Ltd.


Tatsumi Shimada


4-11-12 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Court U 2F

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Required price other than products

Consumption tax: 10%
Shipping: Free if you buy more than 11,000 yen including tax by domestic shipping.
If you are less than 11,000 yen including tax, please check the delivery and shipping fee.
Overseas shipping: In the case of overseas shipping, a uniform 1,000 yen
Transfer fee: We ask the customer to bear the bank transfer or postal transfer.
Credentials, etc.: Customs, customs duties, and other import taxes are charged depending on the country or region.

Order method

1) Add the product you want to purchase to the cart.
2) Proceed from the cart screen to the purchase screen and enter the delivery destination and payment method.
3) Please check the order and press the purchase button.
4) After the shopping is completed, you will receive an order confirmation email.

payment method

COD: Please pay to the delivery person at the time of delivery.
Credit card: VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, Diners
* Yamato cards cannot be used for services, links and overseas shipping.
Bank transfer: Please pay at the post office, each bank, and the Japan Post Bank / Bank ATM.
PayPay payment: Payment by smartphone, prepayment
PayPal payment: overseas shipping, prepayment

Due date for payment

In the case of payment methods other than credit and cash on delivery, please pay within 7 days after notification of order confirmation from our shop.

If you can not pay within the deadline, if you cannot get a credit card authority within 7 days, it will be automatically canceled without permission.

When using cash on delivery, please pay when the product arrives.

Delivery time

In the case of bank transfer, PayPay, and PayPal, if there is no specified date, we will ship the same day if payment can be confirmed by 13:00.
In the case of a credit card or cash on delivery, if there is no specified date, it will be shipped on the day by order until 13:00.

* Orders for specification change and order production will be delivered about 3 weeks after payment confirmation.
* If you order instant delivery products and order -made products together, the delivery date will be shipped according to the slower one.

About return / exchange

Free warranty period: Size replacement → 7 days from delivery, bracket repair → 1 year from delivery
* Please bear the round -trip shipping fee to the customer.
* Size is not possible, processing fee may be required. Please contact us first in any case repair, exchange, or return.
If you do not contact us, we will return it by cash on delivery.
* Our shop will bear the postage for returns and exchanges in case of bad product and mistakes in our products.