Means of payment

Credit Card Settlement

We are invoices when shipping the product.

Cards of use

The number of payments will vary depending on the credit card company you are using.

Price transfer (Yamato Transport)

When you receive the product, please pay for the delivery driver.
Payment is only available for cash.Substitutive fees are free of charge for all of the national constituencies.

Returns may be accepted as a result of a "cancellation after shipping a product" or "long absence" or "receiving a receipt."
In this case, you will be asked to charge a round-trip shipping charge, and an actual impairment of 8,000 (the rent for decomposition and reproduction of the rent and materials at the time of production).

Bank Transfer (Prepaid)

The payment amount is "Commodities Price + Transfer Fee".(Fee of transfer is a burden on the client.)
After confirming the transfer of the order, we will receive the order in order for the shipment.If the deposit cannot be confirmed by the time of 13 o'clock, the next business day will be sent.
If you order a purchase order/custom order, then you will be in production after confirming the order.

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Account name: J-one
Store Number: 537 (Gotanda Branch)
Account Number: 048916


  • If you are unable to confirm your receipt within 7 days of your order, you will be automatically canceled.
  • If coupons are used or an amount correction occurs, the amount of confirmation email that will be auto-delivered and the actual bill amount may be different.Please make sure to transfer the amount listed in the final and binding order that you will be sending from the store.
  • Please be careful when you order your order because you are not able to confirm your receipt of money on Saturdays.
  • The name of the person who is to be given is requested under the name of the person who is the order holder.
  • If you and the nominee are different, make sure you have difficulty checking your money, so be sure to contact the Nominee before you transfer.

PayPay payment

If you are PayPay, you can easily pay off from your smartphone app.

PayPal Payment

"Paypal" is available for payment and settlement methods for customers using overseas.

As a regular credit card payment, customers who receive credit card companies overseas and credit card issuers do not have access to the case where they are overseas, and there is no guarantee of the time of delivery in which they are issued, so we are informed of payment by Paypal, which has a "buyer protection system."

About Issue Receipts

Basically, a receipt will be substituted for receipts issued by various payment agencies, receipts, receipts and receipts.
If you wish to receive a receipt issued by this store, you will be able to issue a handwritten receipt.
In addition, the product is sealed with a statement of purchase.

*This store is usually delivered with products and details of receipts and receipts.
If you are using the store at a present, such as a gift, please let us know in the notes at the time of the order.