From order to delivery

Flow from order to delivery

1. Order

Choose your desired size, category, customization, etc., order from the purchase screen in your cart. From Info @, "Order contents confirmation (automatic delivery mail)" will be sent from
※ If you do not receive this email, please confirm the reception settings of spam mail folder and mail.

2. Confirmation of order contents

The staff check your order content and send an order notification email. Please check the shipping date and payment amount by this email.
※ If custom orders such as specification change are ordered at the same time, we will contact you separately for the correct estimate amount in e-mail.

3. Production of jewelry (for goods and customized products without stock)

Products that do not have stock products and customizations will be made. If you choose bank transfer, it will be manufactured after confirmation of payment. Please be careful if you are in a hurry.

4. Shipping

All domestically will be shipped by Yamato Transport.
※ Overseas will be shipped by EMS of Japan Post.

Delivery time and shipping

Products with stock

In the case of credit card and cash on delivery, if there is no designated date, we will ship the same day by ordering from 13 o'clock on the business day.
If you choose prepayment such as bank transfer, PayPay, PayPal, you will receive an order for payment confirmation by 13 o'clock on the business day.
Orders after 13 o'clock will be shipped on the next business day.

About designation of arrival date

Products without stock, custom order products

After ordering, it will be manufactured and will be shipped as soon as it is completed. Usually, we have a production period for three weeks, but there are products that take more than three weeks. For more details, please refer to the product page and the order confirmation mail sent from our shop.

About designation of arrival date

  • Even if you choose the immediate delivery, you will be treated as custom order products if you wish to change chains and imprint.
  • Since you are making orders from you in order, we can not accept shipping specification earlier than delivery date.
  • If long-term vacations such as the New Year holidays or orders are rushed, there may be more production periods than usual.

When the above two types are ordered simultaneously

MONATELIER-Monatrie-All products ordered at the same time are bundled and shipped. If you order immediate delivery and orders, we will ship the immediate delivery together according to the delivery date of order production.
If you would like to send forward delivery of an immediate delivery, please order separately.