Frequently asked questions

About your order

After ordering or inquisite, there is no reply from the store.
We usually answer your order by e -mail by e -mail, usually within one business day, and for inquiries within 2 business days. If you do not reply from our store for 3 business days or more, we are sorryinfo@monatelier-jewelry.comPlease contact us to us.

Also, after your"Order details confirm (automatic distribution email)" are transmitted. If this email does not arrive, there are following possibilities.
・ There was an error in the registered email address.
・ Reception filters such as "refusal to reception other than the specified domain" are set.
・ It was sorted to the nuisance folder.
The above settings may be made in the initial settings, so please check the reception settings once before contacting us.
I want to change the payment method.
The procedure will vary depending on the order process and the first selected payment method.
First of all, please contact our store.
Inquiry form
Please tell me the closing date of the card.
The closing date of the card depends on the contract between the customer and the card company, so we cannot answer at our shop.
I would like to consult by phone
I am very sorry. We do not accept consultation over the contact us in.
I ordered a wrong size ring. I want you to exchange
I got accept. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please pay for the shipping cost.
I want to return it
I got it. We accept returns within 2 weeks of purchase. Please contact us by e -mail for the

About delivery

Is it possible to deliver it to the home delivery box?
Jewelry is basically valuable, but if you wish, we will describe "Delivery to Delivery Box" on the shipping slip.
However, please note that even if there are any problems such as loss, we will not be responsible for our shop and the delivery company. (The same applies to the manager.)
Is it possible to keep a sales office?

You can set the delivery destination for the sales office when ordering.

[If you buy a gift box]

We accept Yamato Transportation Sales Office.

If you wish

(1) In the remarks column of the cart, fill in "Sales Office Hope"

② Enter the desired center name and center code in the address of the delivery destination

If there is no description of the designated center, we will specify the nearest center of the sending address.

In that case, we recommend that you specify it because it may not be delivered to the center of your request.

Please refer to the official website of Yamato Transport for detailed how to receive it.

[If a gift box is not purchased]

It will be delivered by Japan Post, when the luggage arrives, you need to have a certificate of identification, so after entering your own address as usual.

Additional "post office fastening"

① Building column at the delivery destination at the time of purchase
② Remarks on the cart screen

Please add two places so that you do not forget.

Please refer to the Japan Post site for details.

* Only domestic delivery is accepted for sales offices.
Is it possible to ship by mail?
I'm sorry, but we don't accept it.
This is because there is no guarantee of loss or damage, and the thickness of the luggage is limited, so sufficient packing materials cannot be used to wrap jewelry.
I want you to deliver the contents so that you do not know.
The contents of the shipment slip will be changed from "item name (necklace, etc.)" to "miscellaneous goods" and shipped.
Please fill in the purchase page in the cart or from the inquiry form, and let us know.
I don't want the other party to know what the price is.
We will send the statement to the registered email address.

Please fill in the purchase page in the cart and the remarks column, and let us know.

I want you to change the arrival date of the product.
For immediate delivery, please contact us by 10:00 am on the day if you order before 10:00 am, or by 10:00 am the next business day if you order after 10 am. If you e -mail, you may not be able to respond in time. If you are in a hurry, we recommend that you contact us by phone.
Please contact us as soon as you find the change of order.

It is easier to ask the delivery company directly to change the delivery date and time after shipping our store.
Please prepare the luggage number listed in the shipping email and contact the delivery company.
About Yamato Transportation Date and Time Change Service
Is it possible to have it delivered early?
We are sorry, but we are making orders from everyone in order, so we can not accept shipments that are faster than the delivery date.

About the product

I want you to change the length of the chain
I am very sorry. We do not accept changes. If you want to make it longer, we recommend purchasing an adjuster sold separately.
How do you use the adjuster kan?
Our adjusterkan is on the pulling wheel side.
(1) Pass the adjuster kan through the pulling wheel, fasten the fasten plate together, and adjust it to ③ -3cm.
I don't know the ring size.
Please refer to the "Ring Size Table" under "Add to Cart" on the product page. Since it is just a guide, please check the accurate size using the retail store or ring cage.
I want you to engrave the ring.
In the case of engraved rings, we accept it by custom order.
Please contact our store for details.
Inquiry form
I lost the pierced catch.
It is sold for 1 pair ¥ 600 (excluding tax).
Is it possible to buy only one pierced earring? / I have lost one of the earrings.
Basically, it is sold by purchasing a pair, but you can also purchase only one.
(All of our products use handmade/natural stones, so there is a slight difference. Among them, the piercings have color, size, shine, etc.
All have a pair production production system. )
We are sorry, but we will have a fee of ¥ 2,000 (excluding tax) for half the price of pair sales and the delivery date of about 3 weeks.

・ If you wish to sell one of the piercings from the beginning ...
In the remarks column, please fill in "One sales request / unnecessary required.
・ If you wish to sell one of the piercings due to loss, etc. ...
We ask you to return your earrings so that the shape and color are available.
First of all, please let us know your return to customer support.
Inquiry form
* If you can understand that there is a slight difference on the left and right, no return is required.
Is it possible to make an original jewelry (full order)?
Sorry, our shop sets prices and quality control, including all materials and designs, so we do not accept full orders to make from scratch or renovate your loose or jewelry.
Is it possible to renovate jewelry?
I'm sorry, but we set prices and quality control including all materials and designs.
We do not accept renovation using jewelry from other stores.
Can you buy stones and bullion?
I'm sorry, but I refuse.
Do you discolor?
In general, K10 is a material that does not cause discoloration, but it cannot be assigned to the customer's usage, so it cannot be asserted.
The cause of discoloration is mainly caused by the oxidation of silver and copper contained in the bullion to give jewelry strength, and are contained in food (vinegar, etc.), bleaching agents, hot springs and sweats. It has the property of oxidizing silver and copper.
In rare cases, it seems that the speed of metal oxides is increased by sweat due to the customer's constitution.
In order to prevent discoloration, we recommend that you remove the jewelry during housework and bathing, and gently wipe the dirt with a special cross after use.
Is it okay to keep it on?
We do not recommend wearing it to prevent jewelry damage or deformation.
Gold and platinum are softer as the purity increases, making it easier to deform and scratch.
We are making it with consideration for strength, but we grab the heavy objects and change clothes with delicate pendants.
Jewelry can be deformed or damaged, and in some cases it can damage your skin.
We recommend that you remove the jewelry when exercising, housework, bathing or going to bed.
Can I actually see the product?
Monatelier is operated only online, so you cannot actually see the product.
Does the price change?
Natural stones such as diamonds and bullions such as gold and platinums have a market price, and the market price fluctuates due to global conditions and exchange rate fluctuations.
If soaring continues in the medium to long term, we may have to change the price.
Thank you for your understanding.
Can I order sizes other than No. 8-12?
can. However, since it is not placed in stock, it is custom -made, and the additional charge is $ 4,000 (excluding tax). Please note that it is bad.
Is it possible to specify a bullion other than K10?
I am very sorry. All are made in K10 and cannot be made with other bullions.
I want to increase the quality of the diamond quality
I am very sorry. We do not accept changes.