About Monatelier


Brand concept

One of the design theme of Monatelier-Monatriei is "presence".

The presence is a sense of gold or a unique shaping feeling,
It is a sense of brightness of diamond.

I feel the existence, rather than getting buckwheat,
We will deliver such claims jewelry.

Another theme is a "balanced".

It balances gold and space, balance height,
Safety and danger of feeling of wire and line, etc.
I wanted to express in a subtle balance.

Monatelier-Monatrije jewelry is
It is such a jewelry that changes to feel comfortable by wearing.

A little adventure, a little claim, I want to try,
It is a jewelry that makes you feel a feeling that changes are likely to occur.

Simple, beautiful, us



We believe that we want to deliver happy.

Jewelry who wants customers, jewelry to use always,
Jewelry that allows you to use for a long time, and jewelry with emotions. We want to deliver such jewelry.

We value "quality".
High "quality" jewelry is not only beautiful, but also to have customers can attach. If you are delighted by our customers, we make our won't make it like, we share our workshop staff.


3 Key Words

01 Universality


The root of monatelier-monatrie-jewelry is the pursuit of the beauty over time.
Sophisticated sophisticated sophisticated, and the beauty of the beauty remained, it remained extra.
Simple shaping that does not misprotive in epidemic or decoration brings more than time.

02 Artistic


Jewelry with simplicity and beauty, with balance and identity.
It overlaps with the image of people with strong core while being refreshing.
It is an image that contains caring and tenderness and commitment.

03 Daily nature


From your heart to your favorite jewelry, you can see your mind just by looking at it.
Joy, sadness, expectment, anxiety, and any time, it will shine every day.
Don't be captured for epidemic and others' evaluations and you like yourself to like himself.

The awareness of the "multi-angle perspective", which is the axis of the philosophy, is also included in the brand logo.

A logo that looks like just a wider line has visualized the outline when the ring is viewed from a perspective.
Simple ring shapes also indicate that one thing has several aspects in one thing, so that it becomes a line or a circle, or a variety of outlines.

This logo is sometimes used as a variable-shaped graphic symbol, and also represents innumerable potential and individuality of "monatelier-monatrie" jewelry.