Spring, light ring

Spring is a season reminiscent of a new beginning, such as going to school and finding a job.

We will introduce a refreshing and light design ring as a perfect jewelry for such spring.

Why don't you find a new self in our jewelry this spring?

Lace ring

A ring of beauty like a lace with a delicate and complicated pattern.

Financial patterns are made by excellent cropping technology.

It has a beautiful glossy feeling that the pattern emerges slightly on the fingertips, giving a gorgeous and elegant impression.


It is a design that stacks a ring and refers to a shape like a bird's nest.

Nestling designs that combine multiple rings create a gorgeous fingertip, so you can widely combine them from casual to formal outfits.

Chain ring

A design with a thin chain in a ring as the name suggests.

I am glad that the adjuster is attached and the size can be changed freely.

The delicate and moving chain gives a feminine and elegant impression.

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