Amulet jewelry | Initial pendant with special feelings

"I want to be more confident than now"
"I want a jewelry that enhances my personality."
"I want to give a special gift for loved ones"

For such people, I would like to recommend Monatelier's initial pendant "Gill".

The initial pendant "Gill" is a perfect item for an amulet jewelry that enhances the personality of the person who wears it and wears it without leaving the skin.

Therefore, this time, I will introduce the charm of Mona Telier's popular jewelry "Gil".

If you are interested in initial motif jewelry, want an amulet jewelry, or who is not sure about choosing a gift for loved ones, please take a look.

Mona Telier's necklace "Gil"

The initial pendant "Gil" is a simple and delicate jewelry like Monatelier.

A single diamond shines as an accent on the alphabet motif in harmony with the frame.
The size and weight are as follows.

"Product Details"
Gold: K10 Yellow Gold
Stone: Natural diamond about 0.08ct
Pendant top size: diameter 8.2mm x thickness 0.5mm
Necklace length: about 40cm
Weight: Approximately 0.59g
* The necklace length is about 40cm, but it can be adjusted by 3cm shorter with an adjuster.

There are many initial motif jewelry in the world, but "Gil" has the unique charm of Monatorier. Then, I will explain the charm.

A delicate design and an elegant impression

What Mona Telier jewelry values ​​is "presence x balance".

In general, initial motifs have a strong presence, so there are jewelry that gives a strong claim to the surroundings. However, "Gil" has a delicate impression like Monatelier, with a presence.

It is a nice point that it is easy to match any fashion because it has a sophisticated and simple design. You will be able to use it for a long time without getting tired even if you wear it every day.

Uses durable gold and natural diamonds
Monatelier jewelry emphasizes "reliable quality".

The initial pendant "Gil" uses a special K10 gold with excellent durability and carefully selected natural diamonds.

Special K 10 gold is hard to deform and is a durable material. It is a nice point that it is not a plated gold gold, so it is resistant to discoloration due to sweat.

It is a jewelry with a certain quality that people who want to wear every day can feel safe.

Price of affordable $ 11,000 (tax included)
The overwhelming cost performance is also the charm of Mona Telier.

By devising the purchasing and manufacturing process of Mona Telier, it has achieved an easy -to -use price of $ 11,000 (tax included), even though it is a "reliable quality".

Of course, the necklace "Gil" is also available for $ 11,000 (tax included).

The delicate design that does not get tired of wearing it every day, the durable gold material, and the shining single natural diamond, the affordable price is also the charm of "Gil".

What is an amulet jewelry?

The initial pendant "Gil" is perfect for an amulet jewelry.

Amulet jewelry is a jewelry with special feelings. If you put your desire to fulfill in jewelry, it will be a talisman for fulfilling your desire.

Amulet jewelry is also recommended for rewards for yourself and gifts for loved ones.

Next, here are some recommended methods to acquire "Gil" as an amulet and jewelry.

Choose your initials with "Gil" and protect

You may be worried about how to choose a charm jewelry for yourself.

I would like to recommend jewelry with the initials of your name as the motif.

It is said that gaining your initials will increase your willingness to value yourself and be confident.

With a delicate initial pendant "Gil", you can casually appeal to your personality. It is a nice point that it is easy to wear at work, regardless of the scene.

Wear someone's initials with "Gil"

Amulet jewelry is not determined to acquire your initials.

It is also recommended to choose the initials of your loved ones and make them a charm jewelry.

Wearing the initial motifs of your loved ones will always be familiar with that important person, deepening the bonds and connections between the two.

Choose the initials of loved ones, such as lovers and families, and make them an amulet jewelry.

Associated with your favorite words and images

It is also recommended that you put your favorite words and images on the initials and put your own special meaning.

For example, select the initials of your favorite words, such as H in "HA P P Y" and J of "J OY".

The words are said to have power. It is a good idea to select the words you want to wear as an amulet, such as good luck and words you want to cherish.

"Gil" is also recommended for gifts for important people

The initial pendant "Gil" is perfect for gifts for lovers and friends.

Among the jewelry, necklaces are particularly popular as gifts that can be easily given, but "Gil", which can be personalized and personalized, can create a more special feeling.

"Gil" is perfect for gifts that create a special feeling
If you choose the initials associated with the name of the other party in "Gil", it will be a special gift.

Personalized items will surely be pleased by the receipt of the present.

The initial pendant "Gil" is a simple design that you can wear for a long time. It is just a good size, so it is also recommended for those who want to wear it every day.

As a gift for birthdays and anniversaries
If you give an initial pendant "Gil" to your loved ones, how about a gift for your opponent's birthday or anniversary?

Personalized gifts are perfect for gifts to be given at the milestone timing. In addition, a single diamond that shines near the initial motif of "Gil" has a luxurious feeling suitable for a special day.

If you give jewelry with a present, stick to wrapping.

Monaatelier offers a gift box for gifts for options (paid).

Click here for more information about Monatelier's gift wrapping.
> About gift wrapping

Initial necklace [Gil]

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