Simon & Owen

MonatelierThe jewelry is "a delicate skiing elgee that fits into the skin"

It is attractive only if you stack it.


"I'm not good at layering"

"I can't imagine"


In response to such voices, we propose a jewelry starring recommended by staff every week.

This week is a styling that combines the ring Simon and the pierced Owen.

This week's coordination

Half eternity with a design that is very popular and has a wide variety of proposals.

Among them, Simon is delicate and has a curve on the ring of the ring.



It is a recommended point that a unique curve will move, so it will not be monotonous even if you use it alone.

Of course, it is an item that will be accented even if you stack it, and you will want to incorporate it.



The earrings were luxuriously attached to the triple diamond Owen.

When the sunlight hits, it is really beautiful and beautiful.



MonatelierIt seems that most of the people who arrive are smaller than expected because the jewelry is Skinjew, but it is characterized by a more presence than expected.

Simon details


¥ 11,000 K10 Natural Diamond


A U -shaped eternity ring with a beautiful finger beautifully. The exquisite curve silhouette gently fits your finger. A single bottle creates a delicate impression and a more gorgeous hand with layering coordination.


▹ Simon

Owen details


¥ 11,000 K10 Natural Diamond


3Ren diamond earring. Despite its simple design, it has a solid presence. It is also recommended as a normal fashion accent.


▹ Owen

Recommended as a gift for birthdays and anniversaries

Monaatelier offers a gift box for gifts for options (paid).

You can select it on the product details page. Please use it by all means.

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