Introduction of the workshop

Jewelry is just the power of designers.
It is not born.
Designers, in other things,
like an orchestra conductor,
Command alone does not make a sound,
For beautiful harmony
of the player in the each part
We need technology and feelings.

It is the sculptor who shapes the design,
Of course you need technology and sense,
If you can't share images with designers
The intended jewelry is not allowed.

In order to make the prototype realistic jewelry,
We need craftsmen with skills and experience.
The line that the feelings of the maker are sharp,
It can be expressed in gentle lines, etc.

The brilliance of a diamond is not only its quality,
How to align the cuts is also important.
The enthusiasm of the purchasing staff and the sorting staff
It has a beautiful diamond line.

Inspection is not a work, but a technology and a person.
If you don't have professional self-interest, you don't work.
Even if you see the craftsmen who work together struggling,
We pursue ideals without compromise.

The beauty of MONATRIER jewelry is
It is not by the power of the designer alone by all
With the "technology" of all staff,
And "feelings" are industry.

Jewelry Designer


Tatsumi Shimada

Born in Yamanashi Prefecture. The fourth generation of a long-established jewelry manufacturer.
I grew up surrounded by jewelry and jewelry from an early age,
Get familiar with nature and design.
In their 20s and 30s, they went to jewelry stores nationwide in their father's company.
I was doing wholesale sales. Independent in mid-40s.
Start training craftsmen to make good things.



Saki Wakao

If you can't share images with designers, you're going to make something completely different from design painting. Sensibility is a very important creative job.

Person in charge of production


Ryo Hosaka

If you just make it, you may not need technology. However, in order to make customers attached to us for a long time, I think that not only technology but also the feelings of the makeer are important.

a craftsman


Mitsuki Kuboshima

I would be happy if you could feel "happy" to have the jewelry I make.

Person in charge of inspection


Miko Saito

If I miss a defect in the product, I will let the customer down. I work hard every day because I think it is the key to the quality of the company.

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