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About your order

After ordering, after inquiring, it does not reply from the store.
In order to order, you usually answer in two business days within two business days within one business day. If you do not reply from our shop or more than 3 business days, you are excusesinfo@monatelier-jewelry.comPlease contact me.

Also after"Order contents confirmation (automatic delivery mail)" has been sent. There are the following possibilities if this email does not reach.
· There was an error in the registered e-mail address.
· A reception filter setting such as "receiving denial other than the designated domain" is set.
· We were distributed to annuity folder.
Since the above settings may be performed by default, please check the reception settings once before contacting us.
Even though I ordered an instant delivery, a delivery date mail for sales order came.
If you want to change the chain length and change specifications (custom orders) such as diamond clarity up,
Even if you choose an instant delivery, it will be a salary production that will be created from scratch.
When you wish to change specifications, please select "Order production / 3 weeks" even if immediate delivery can be selected.
I want to change the payment method.
The procedure is different depending on the order of order processing and the payment method you choose first.
First of all, please contact our store.
Inquiry form
Please tell me the dead day of the card.
The card's conclusion day is due to your own and card company's contract, so I can not answer our shop.

About delivery

Can I deliver to home delivery BOX?
Jewelry basically received basically because of valuables, but if you wish, we would like to say "Delivery to Delivery Box" in the shipping slip.
However, even if there are problems such as loss, please note that our stores and shipping companies do not bear any responsibility. (The same is true if you want to deposit by the manager.)
Can you keep sales offices?
We accept sales retention of Yamato Transport.
When you wish, please fill out the center name and center code for your desired center name in the remarks column of delivery.
If there is no description of the designated center, we will specify the nearest center of the destination address at our store.
In that case, we will not deliver to the request center, so we recommend that you specify.
Can I ship with mail service?
Sorry, we're unable to accept.
Because there is no loss or damage to damage, and there is a limit to the thickness of the package, it is because enough packaging material can not be used to wrap jewelry.
Can you ship the immediate delivery that you ordered with your order production?
In our shop, all the items ordered at the same time are shipped shipped.
If you order immediate delivery and orders, we will ship the immediate delivery together according to the delivery date of order production.
If you would like to send forward delivery of an immediate delivery, please order separately.
About delivery time
I want you to deliver it so that you do not know the contents.
I accept it.
We will change the contents description of the shipping slip from "item name (such as pendant)" to "miscellaneous goods".
Please fill out the purchase page in the cart or the inquiry form and let me know.
For a gift, I would like you to not put some items that the other party can understand.
I accept it.
Please fill out the purchase page in the cart and the custom order column and apply.

At that time, please be careful about the following two points.
· Jewelry's guarantee card (warranty statement specifies the type of contact and the type of stone etc.) is delivered with your item.
There is no mention of the price on the guarantee card, but there is a description of our stores and contacts.
· Purchase statement is usually delivered with the product.
In the case of a gift, please do not require the specification or not to describe the specification into the orderer address in the remarks column.
I want you to change the arrival date of the product.
If the immediate delivery is prior to 13:00, please contact by 13 o'clock after 13 o'clock by 13 o'clock. If it is an email, the response may not be in time. If you are in a hurry, please contact us by phone.
Please contact us as soon as you know your change.

Changing the delivery date and time after delivery is smooth to request a direct delivery company.
Please prepare the luggage number described in the shipping email and contact the delivery company.
About Yamato Transport Accepted Date Change Service
Can I get it early?
Sorry, we're unique, but we can not accept shipping specifications earlier than our delivery date, as we are making orders from you in order.

About goods

How do you use adjuster Chan?
Our store's adjuster canes are on the barley side.
1 Thread the adjuster column through the ring and keep the fastener plate together and adjust to 3-3 cm.
I do not know the ring size.
For customers who purchase rings, there is a service that sends a trial ring gauge.
It is a ring gauge without return, so please feel free to use it.
Trial Ring Gauge Order
I want the ring to put it on the ring.
In the case of a ring that can be imprinted, we accept it at custom orders.
Please contact our store for more information.
Inquiry form
Do you have sorting memos and appraisals for all products?
Sorting memos and appraisals are only attached to products that are described as "with sorting memo / appraisals".
If you have any hope, appraisal and issuance fee ¥ 5000 (excluding tax) ~, product production date + 1 week, and we will attach the appraiser of the Central Gemstone Research Institute.
※ Merdeire Monde with 1 piece of 0.1ct or less can not be attached.
I lost the catch of the piercing.
We sell in one pair ¥ 600 (excluding tax).
Can I buy only one earrings? I have lost one of the piercings.
Basically, it is sold by pair purchase, but it is also possible to purchase only one.
(Because our shop products use all handmade / natural stones, slight differences will be created. Among them, the piercing is in place such as color, size and glow, etc.
We have a production system for all paired production. )
Excuse me, but we will receive a fee of ¥ 2,000 (excluding tax) and a delivery date for about three weeks in half price of pair sales.

· If you wish to sell one of the earrings from the beginning ...
In the remarks column, "one-sailing request / alignment required. Fee ¥ 2,000 (excluded tax) Ensolved".
· If you wish to sell one of the earrings due to loss etc ...
We ask for the return delivery of your hand to align and color.
First of all, please notify customer support for return delivery.
Inquiry form
※ If you can acknowledge that some differences are born on the left and right, no return is required.
Can I make Original Jewelry (Full Order)?
Sorry, we're unbelievable, so because our stores perform pricing and quality control including all materials and designs, we do not accept full orders and reforms using their own loose and jewelry.
Can I reform Jewelry?
Sorry, we're unique, because our stores have provided pricing and quality control including all materials and all designs.
We do not accept reforms using other jewelry.
Can you buy stones and bullions?
Sorry, I'm sorry.
Do you have a discoloration?
Generally, K10 is a material that is less likely to occur, but it is uniformly impossible to make a difference because the difference is created depending on the customer's usage.
The cause of the discoloration is mainly due to the oxidation of silver or copper contained in the bullion in order to provide strength to jewelry, and the ingredients contained in food (vinegar etc), bleach, hot spring and sweat, There is a property of oxidizing silver or copper.
In addition, it seems that it may speed up the metal oxidation speed with sweat due to your constitution.
In order to prevent discoloration, we recommend that you remove jewelry during housework or bath, and then use dedicated crosses to wipe dirt.
Is it okay to wear it?
It is not recommended to wear it to prevent jewelry corruption and deformation.
Money and platinum are soft as the purity is soft and it is likely to be varied and flawed.
We are making a considerable thing in strength, but it is a heavy thing, and it is a delicate pendant with a delicate pendant.
It may cause deformation and damage to jewelry, and may also be able to damage your skin in some cases.
We recommend that you remove exercise, housework, bathing and bedridden.
Can I really see the product?
MONATELIER is operating only online shops, so you can not actually see the product.
Is the price change?
Calves such as diamonds, such as Gold Platinum, have market prices due to the market price, and fluctuating market prices due to global affairs and exchange changes.
If soaring continues to be in the middle and long term, it may be made to change the price without doing it.
Thank you for your understanding.
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