March Introduction of new products

Thank you for your continued patronage of monatelier.


We will introduce the new 6 type 6 type that will be on sale in March.


This month, we are preparing special products such as limited products for White Day.Please take a look.

\ Recommended for White Day / 0.1ct Diamond Necklace / ORDO

March 14 (Tuesday) is White Day.
In the past, it was just like a Valentine's return event, but recently it has been considered an opportunity to convey daily thanks.

Monatelier is a two -necklace that focuses on the price and quality that can only be done because it is a jewelry manufacturer directly sales.
How about a gift for those who want to return Valentine's Day and thank you?

Of course it is also recommended for yourself♪


3/2(Thursday) [Limited 200 pieces] 0.1ct diamond necklace
\ Recommended for White Day /

Limited quantity limited product limited 200 pieces
¥ 19,800 (tax included)

Since 0.1ct diamonds in good condition have been available, we will give it at the price and quality that can only be done because it is a manufacturer direct sales.
Please take a look as soon as it is a limited quantity product.
Simple 4 -piece diamond pendant. The setting that enhances the elegant shine of the diamond makes the face around the face gorgeously. It is a design that is easy to coordinate with any fashion because it is simple.


3/3(Friday) Ordo
\ Recommended for White Day /
¥ 19,800 (tax included)

Necklace with diamonds arranged in a line. Not only the quality of the diamond, but also the presence of the diamonds without taking the edge. A necklace with a sharp impression placed on a straight line.

VENES ・ Clava

3/6(Mon) VENES
¥ 11,000 (tax included)

Gorgeously updated with a smooth chain necklace with a simple charm. A ball -shaped gold pendant fits casually and fashion.


3/8(Wednesday) CLAVA
¥ 15,400 (tax included)

Popular and popular clover design. You can wear it without choosing a scene with a familiar size with a motif. The height was given between the rings and the motif, and the design was delicate and had a presence.



SPIRA ・ Tigris

3/20(Month) Spira
¥ 11,000 (tax included)

A three -dimensional and voluminous design with five thin circles.
A dish in which the soft luster of K10 reflects light at random and looks beautiful.


¥ 15,400 (tax included)

Forked with moderate sharpness and gold only design. Items that are not in the center and are active both single and layered. It is a modern and genderless design, so you can enjoy it as a shared jewelry.







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