Race ring coordinates

Hello, this is monatelier.


MonatelierThe jewelry is "a delicate skiing elgee that fits into the skin"


It is attractive only if you stack it.


"I'm not good at layering"

"I can't imagine"


In response to such voices, we will propose a recommended jewelry starring for staff.

This week's coordination

When it comes to spring cheerfulI want to wear a soft blouse or dress,I want to incorporate pink.
Fashion is focus on feminine.

I think jewelry is the same.


This time, we will introduce feminine coordination using a racing type type with beautiful crafts.


Laceing is an accessory that gives an elegant and feminine impression.


The racing guided by monatelier is Mercel and JAIMIE (Jamie>.


Both are recommended because fine work is accented.

Laceing has a solid design, so it may be difficult to combine with a large design jewelry.


The combination with a ring with a simple design is more's recommended.


The introduction this time was a feminine coordination using a racing 2 type.
Please refer to it.


Products worn and information

The products I wore this time are as follows.


Rococo -style antique motif ring. The point is delicate details with a classical atmosphere. The presence of the leading role that has a delicate and delicate design, but has a solid width.


A delicate design with the delicate ring of antique motifs, Rococo. The braid -like line creates a sense of volume and demonstrates its presence as a protagonist ring.


Despite being a classic silhouette with a unique design, the diamond spreads like a gradation.


Gold x diamond delicate ring. The three diamonds sparkle and shine casually at the moment of the moment. It is an easy -to -use item with a simple design that does not get tired.



It is also recommended as a gift for anniversary and birthday.


Monaatelier offers a gift box for gifts for options (paid).


You can select it on the product details page. Please use it by all means.


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