Single piercing coordinates

Hello, this is monatelier.


MonatelierThe jewelry is "a delicate skiing elgee that fits into the skin"

It is attractive only if you stack it.


"I'm not good at layering"

"I can't imagine"


In response to such voices, we will propose a recommended jewelry starring for staff.


This week's coordination

Today we will introduce the 2 -in -one type: NOX and Mercurio .


Do you guys incorporate single piercings?
Single piercing refers to earrings for one ear, not for both ears.
There are many people who feel that the hurdles are high, not the general public,I also had the image of whether it would be difficult to use what was not left and right.


Earlier this year, the first single piercing NOX was released at MonaTelier.
It is a very luxurious and gorgeous single piercing with five diamonds.

If you actually incorporate it, it has a different presence from the one for both ears, and it is a point that is more than expected and very cute.♡
MonatelierI think that the point is that it is easy to incorporate with an elegant design.

The wearing scene is recommended when going out on weekends rather than in the office because of its presence.


In addition, the pierced Mercurio , whose diamonds are arranged like flowers.

It is wonderful to use it alone with the setting where the diamond stands out, but it is a recommended design with a good balance even if you use it with other earrings.


How was your coordination today?

Spring cheerful, the sunshine was a pleasant season.
Would you like to prepare for going out with a gorgeous ear?


Our jewelry is also recommended as a gift for birthdays and anniversaries.

Monaatelier offers a gift box for gifts for options (paid).

You can select it on the product details page. Please use it by all means.


Also, when the desired product is sold out, it is convenient to contact you to restock. Please use the monatelier official line.

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