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Hello, this is monatelier.


MonatelierThe jewelry is "a delicate skiing elgee that fits into the skin"

It is attractive only if you stack it.


"I'm not good at layering"

"I can't imagine"


In response to such voices, we will propose a jewelry stinging recommended by the staff every week.

This week's coordination


Jewelry layered has the image of layering on one finger.

4The style of arranging the finger of the book is also attracting attention because it is easy to balance.



MonatelierThe jewelry is currently unified to the development of yellow gold, so even if you combine a completely different design, you can easily feel unified.



By matching items with different facial expressions, it will be a coordination with an atmosphere.

Simple and recommended style.

Product worn


Details of the worn products

From the left

Ellis (scheduled to be released on January 19)





Ellis will be a new work on January 19 of this month.

It is a nice design that you can change the finger you can attach in the mood of the day with an adjuster on the chain part.


Both Oscar Telence and Sandy have a design with a strong presence.

It is a ring that boasts very beautiful polishing and elegant luster.


The introduction this time was a row layer coordinates of the ring.

Please refer to it.


Recommended as a gift for birthdays and anniversaries


Monaatelier offers a gift box for gifts for options (paid).

You can select it on the product details page. Please use it by all means.


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