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Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law


J.-one Corporation

representative director

Tatsumi Shimada


Minami Aoyama 4-11-12 Côte u 2F, Minato Ward, Tokyo

Phone number


email address

Non-Products Require Proceeds

Consumption tax: 10 %
Shipping: Free for free when domestic shipment is purchased for more than 11,000 yen.
Please check shipping and shipping if tax is less than 11,000 yen.
Overseas shipping: 1,000 yen per uniform for overseas shipping
Fee for transfer: For the case of bank transfer and postal transfer, please bear the burden on the customer.
Tariffs, etc.: In the event of a customs commission, customs duty, or other import tax, depending on the country or region, the customer is requested to bear the burden.

Order Method

1) Add the products that you want to purchase to the cart.
2) Go to the buy screen from the cart screen, and enter the delivery destination and payment method.
3) Please confirm your order and press the purchase button.
4) After the purchase is completed, you will receive an order confirmation email.

Payment method

Repayment of the charge: Please pay the delivery service at the time of delivery.
*The card in Yamato is not available for services, links to link destinations, and overseas shipping.
Bank Transfer: Please pay in advance at the Post Office, Bank, and Bank ATMs at the Post Office and each Bank ATM.
PayPay payment: pay your phone, pay advance
Paypal Payment: Overseas shipping, prepaid

payment due date

For payment methods other than credit transfer payments, please pay within 7 days after the order confirmation is received from the current store.

If you are not eligible to pay within the due date, you will be able to automatically cancel your credit card if you do not have a credit card in 7 days.

Please pay when you arrive at the product when you use the payment transfer payment.

Time of delivery

< For products with inventory >
In the case of bank transfer and PayPay PayPal, if you don't have a specified date, you send it to you by 13 o'clock, and you send it on that day.
If you have a credit card payment, you will be ordered to send your credit card to 13 o'clock if you don't have a date.

* We will receive orders for change of specifications and orders in about three weeks from the receipt of your receipt of the order.
*If you have ordered products that are manufactured in immediate order with orders, the delivery will be delivered to the end of the delivery period.

About the return and exchange

Duration of free warranty: Size swap = 7 days from the deliver, out of chain, metal fittings, and, for a year from the date of delivery,
* The round-trip service is paid to the customer.
*Non - resize and processing fees may be required.For both repair and exchange returns, please contact me first.
If you do not have any contact, you will be able to send it back in the shipping charge payment.
*If the product is bad or the wrong product is mistaken, the service charges for the return and the exchange will be borne by the wrong store.