I loved my work, making jewelry.
When I delivered a fine piece of jewelry to customers at a reasonable price I got a heartfelt "Thank you."
I thought this job was wonderful because I got to receive such gratitude and money from customers in tandem.

This is where our philosophy "Create Happiness, Deliver Happiness" was born.

We want to bring the joy of owning beautiful jewelry to as many customers as possible.
We thought about both how we alone can achieve that and what we alone can do.
MONATELIER was our answer.

We sincerely hope that this “happiness” we create will reach each and every one of our customers.

J-one Co., LTD.
Representative Director: Tatsumi Shimada

Product Policy

“Balance the design between quality and price at a level that we, ourselves, would buy.”

Quality: Direct from the Workshop

MONATELIER both manufactures and sells its products directly at its workshops in Japan and Thailand.
We are able to achieve both a high degree of quality and low prices because we dedicate a degree of our profit margins to ensure that quality.

Price: Directly Imported Diamonds

We travel to India to source diamonds directly from major local polishing companies.

Design: Long-lasting Standard Design

We believe that frequent use is the most economical way to get the most value for your money. The designs we choose are chosen from a perspective of wanting it to last for a long time and not tire of it.

Commitment to Quality


Quality Starts with Attitude

Craftsmanship and experience are necessary for quality.
MONATELIER's workshops have ample human resources and experience to ensure quality.
However, quality cannot be achieved by these means alone.
Quality can only be realized when the whole staff is involved. Material selection, prototype production and inspection are all committed to quality as well.
Quality is not achieved by technology but through attitude.