After-sales service

At MONATELIER, we hope that you will continue to use your jewelry for a long time.
We accept repairs and maintenance.


Monatellier-Monatrier jewelry is fully inspectioned, but in the event of a malfunction, etc., we will respond with responsibility. If you are worried, please contact us without hesitation.
If there is a problem due to reasons other than the customer's usage within one year after purchase, we will respond free of charge.
If we can confirm that it is our jewelry even after one year, we will respond regardless of the deadline.


MONATELIER jewelry can be used for life with proper maintenance.
Regular maintenance is recommended for comfortable use. The distortion of the ring, the looseening of the swallows that fasten the gemstones, the scratches on the surface, etc. are re-finished, so that the jewelry regains the same shine as new. Please order it by all means.


We also recommend cleaning yourself for a comfortable jewelry life, but if you are aware of dirt, we can also clean it with an ultrasonic cleaner free of charge. (Please bear only the postage)

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