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Article: <STAFF STYLING vol.7> Layered ring coordination

〈STAFF STYLING vol.7〉リングの重ね付けコーディネート

<STAFF STYLING vol.7> Layered ring coordination

Summer is the season when you can enjoy light clothing.

Stacking rings is a great way to add glamor and personality to your wrist.
This time, we will introduce the recommended stacking ring styles for summer outfits.

By all means, let's color your hands like summer!



Stacking simple metal rings

For a light summer style, we recommend stacking simple metal rings.

The combination of multiple thin rings and one thick ring as the main accent is wonderful.

Right hand, OSCAR <Oscar>

Left hand HARDLY


Stacking rings in the summer is an opportunity to express yourself.

By making your hands gorgeous, you can enjoy summer fashion even more.

Everyone, please try incorporating stacking rings into your summer outfit!