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Article: <STAFF STYLING vol.6> Chainring ELLIS


<STAFF STYLING vol.6> Chainring ELLIS

Chain ring ELLIS <Ellis> which is quite popular after release

A simple and easy-to-use design with a single diamond on an adjustable chain ring.



Reason for popularity

・For a delicate and feminine image.

・As it has an adjuster, it is also great for those who are worried about the size of the ring not fitting.



Especially popular is that even if you don't know the size of the other person's finger, you can adjust the size, so it is suitable as a gift.


This time, I put ELLIS on my little finger and MARTIN on my ring finger.


Both ELLIS and MARTIN are recommended as a combination that is light and comfortable to wear.


The delicate design makes you want to wear it as a pinky ring.


I don't have a size that fits my little finger, so an adjustable chain ring is useful, and the swaying chain that you can see from the inside of your palm is sure to make your heart skip a beat♡


Here are the items I used this time:





¥ 11,000-

A single diamond chain ring that is comfortable to wear. With an adjuster that can adjust the size up to size 18 , it has a nice design that allows you to change the finger you wear depending on the day. A beautiful and delicate ring that will make you fall in love with the chain that swings at your fingertips.


MARTIN <Martin>

¥ 11,000-

Minimalist and sophisticated gold and diamond simple ring. Two diamonds set in the center give off a sparkling presence at hand.




It is also recommended as a gift for anniversaries and birthdays.


Monatlier offers a gift box for presents as an option (for a fee).


You can select it on the product detail page. Please use them together.