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Article: Jewelry trivia | Ring size that can be measured with familiar items


Jewelry trivia | Ring size that can be measured with familiar items

Rings are important as special gifts and keepsakes, but it's difficult to wear them if the size doesn't fit.

Here's how to accurately measure your ring size.
In this article, we'll show you how to find out your ring size in simple steps. 


1. If you don't know your ring size

This is an effective method for those who don't usually wear rings or who don't like the ring they purchased. 

Prepare strips of paper or string.
Wrap it around your finger and measure the length. 

The point of measurement is to measure at the thickest part of the finger such as the second joint.
This method has the advantage of being able to measure with familiar objects, but there is a possibility that errors may occur because it is measured with something different from metal. 

[Ring size chart]

No. 1 40.8mm
No. 13
No. 2 41.9mm
No. 14
No. 3 42.9mm
No. 15
No. 4 44.0mm
No. 16
No. 5 45.0mm No. 17 57.6mm
No. 6 46.1mm No. 18 58.6mm
No. 7 47.1mm No. 19 59.7mm
No. 8 48.2mm No. 20 60.7mm
No. 9 49.2mm No. 21 61.8mm
No. 10 50.3mm No. 22 62.8mm
No. 11 51.3mm No. 23 63.9mm
No. 12 52.4mm No. 24 64.9mm



2. How to measure with the ring you already have

I think there are many times when you forget the size when you already have a ring. In that case, we recommend using the app as a way to easily measure. 

Just place the ring on the screen to measure, so you can measure quickly even when you want to measure the size secretly. 


3.If you want to measure the ring size of MONATELIER accurately

If you want to check the MONATELIER ring accurately, we have prepared a ring size checker. 

▷Ring size checker

Ring sizes from No. 8 to No. 12 are included in the set, making it possible to check the exact size. 


Knowing your exact ring size makes shopping online and choosing gifts easier. 

Grasp your size firmly and enjoy the encounter with a wonderful ring. Please try the method introduced in this article!