Notice regarding price revision

We would like to thank you for your continued patronage.
It spread by word of mouth than I started when I started, and thankfully I received a great response.
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From March 1st, which we have been in guidance from the other day, we will post a detailed information on the price of some products.

We operate an EC site with the motto of jewelry manufacturers to cut costs as much as possible and deliver high quality jewelry to customers.

However, in the past year, the price of manufacturing costs has risen sharply, and there is no difference between product costs and selling prices. Among them, we have been running with the heart that we want you to enjoy jewelry even a little, but it has come to a situation where almost all products cannot be developed.

Although it is a difficult decision, we will revise the price of some products from March 1st.


In addition, in light of the price, we have enjoyed the uniform price more than expected.

10,000Examination of yen excluding yen

14,000Examination of yen excluding yen

18,000Examination of yen excluding yen

We will sell it in the price range of.

14,000 yen Taxed necklace

  • Keith
  • Darrell
  • fin
  • Dale
  • Native
  • Cecil
  • Lalo
  • Barry
  • Jene
  • Joan
  • Alvin
  • lux
  • Astra
  • Papilio

14,000 yen Ring earrings excluding tax


  • Marcel
  • Carcy
  • Hadry
  • Vite
  • Luka
  • terence


  • Irwin
  • Jaden
  • Owen
  • Ward
  • Merculio
  • Ersezeo
  • Aidan
  • Nox

18,000 yen excluding tax


  • Lauro
  • R
  • Ian


  • Sandy
  • Aaron
  • Oscar
  • Moseses
  • Simon



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